Meet Miss Karisma

Hi, my name is Karisma and it is a pleasure to meet you. I am a Nerd who works full time as a web/graphic designer and a creative professional. I am originally from Florida but I have lived in Ny and Cali in my past time.

For fun I love to travel, read, write, relax, binge on Netflix, shop at Victoria Secrets, web design, and cook.

I also love to dabble with photography.

I truly love what I do and I am very passionate about anything tech/computer/web design related. I believe life is a gift and since we are only here once I believe in living it to the fullest no matter what hand of life you are dealt with, live life to the fullest because when we are gone we can’t come back for another chance. Be blessed.

♥ Karisma


♥ I am terrified of flying roaches.
♥ My Favorite color is Pink
♥ As a kid, I hated pink
♥ I am a tomboy at heart.
♥ Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies.
♥ Baking brings me small pleasures.
♥ I love roller coaster rides
♥ I self taught myself web/graphic design.
♥ Swedish was my second language.
♥ I still don’t know how to ride a bike and are afraid of them.
♥ I have two tattoos.
♥ I love beaches so much I wish I could live on an island forever.
♥ I am big nerd and always have been.
♥ My favorite movies are Columbiana, Bad Boys 2, Titanic, Fifty Shades of Grey, Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin
♥ As a kid, school was my favorite place to be.
♥ Just learned that a glass of wine a day is actually good for you.
♥ I love to hide with a good book.
♥ I am a loner at heart.
♥ I am obsessed with binging and watching movies.
♥ I love Disney movies.
♥ I have a big heart for people.
♥ Never been celebrity obsessed but always loved Eminem and felt if I met him it show I am die hard fan.
♥ Im 5’7
♥ I still own/use an ipod (daily).
♥ Music is my heartbeat, I live for it.
♥ I love teddy bears and own several of them.
♥ I am into aesthetics with most things, it matters to me how something really looks.
♥ Graphic/web designing is actually really fun to me.
♥ I am obsessed with anything apple makes.
♥ Relaxing to me is either binging on Netflix or laying in bathtub with a glass of wine & music.
♥ I am just learning how to cornrow braid.
♥ I love learning new things.
♥ I don’t drink coffee but I ve always wanted to try it to see what the hype is all about.
♥ I can’t drink hot drinks, I prefer them cold.
♥ I don’t put milk in my cereals, only if its Frosted Flakes.
♥ I love reggae/dancehall music.
♥ I was an Honor roll Student from kindergarten thru high school.
♥ I had perfect attendance in school from Kindergarten to high school.
♥ I always wished that God had blessed me with a singing voice.
♥ I am deeply religious and love/attend church.
♥ I am a hopeless romantic and still believe true love exists.
♥ I am obsessed with Victoria Secrets!
♥ I take my own professional photos and edit them.
♥ I self taught myself photoshop.
♥ I don’t drink or smoke.
♥ I love reading positive quotes.
♥ I am currently learning my Canon T5 Dslr full capabilities.
♥ I can spend hours on a laptop and not feel bored or tired.
♥ I LOVE to write and still believe in journals.
♥ Writing for me as always been therapeutic.
♥ I love horror and drama movies.
♥ As a kid in school I never had a fight and was always called the quiet one.
♥ As a kid I used wear big Steve Urkel glasses.
♥ I used to be called the ugly duckling as a kid
♥ I am perfectionist at heart.
♥ I can spend hours on a phone call.
♥ I am an introvert.
♥ As a kid I used to draw really well and would win drawing contests.
♥ I was an Honor Roll student from kindergarten till high school.
♥ I also had perfect attendance from kindergarten through high school.
♥ I want to write & publish my bio.
♥ I would of been either an FBI or an Undercover cop.
♥ I’ve always loved acting and wished I attended acting school as a kid.
♥ Everyday I read inspirational/motivational quotes.
♥ I love watching True Crime shows and the ID channel is one of my favorite channels.

God, my puppy, computers, gadgets, technology, beaches, Wine (sweet Moscato), traveling, relaxing, netflixing, cooking, my macbook, my canon dslr, my ipod, movies, a king size bed that has white sheets & thick comforters with lots of pillows and feel like a cloud.

If you don’t know me by now, I am a TRUE gadget freak! I love anything dealing with gadgets, laptops, and etc. I believe in having the best equipment in order to fulfill the work you need to get done.
I don’t splurge on shoes or clothes, my splurging is on gadgets. I only use Apple devices when it comes to my work, and that is mainly because of its durability & simplicity. I used to own a windows machine (An HP i7 laptop) and although Windows machines have come a long way, I still only rely on apple products. I live & die by them.

As a designer the smoothness and retina screens of apple products, just bring your work even more true to life. Also macs are virus free, that was one of the things I did not agree with window devices. They are too vulnerable for attacks. Even though I didn’t encounter any when I had a windows machine, because I always invested in Norton, so if you do own a Windows device invest into Norton or another good virus protection. Trust it will save years on your device.

This is what I use on a daily.

-Macbook Pro Retina (I7 16gb Ram, 256 HD)
-Ipad Pro + Apple Pencil (9.7, 32Gb)
-Canon T5
-Nikon CoolPix Camera (For Vlogging)
-Fuji Film Instax Mini
-Ipod Classic 120gb (yes I still own one of these and use it daily.)
-Beats Headphones in Pink

If you’re interested or curious to what I use to create my sites and design here’s a list of my main go to softwares I use constantly. I truly believe that the kind of software you use can either make or break your work, thats why I have done extensive research on the best softwares to use as a designer.

To Edit my Photos:

  • Adobe Photoshop 2017
  • Photoscape
  • Affinity Photo
  • Aurora HDR 2018
  • Capture One Photo 10
  • Graphic Design Softwares:

  • Sketch
  • Pixelmator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Pinegrow
  • Video Editing Softwares:

  • Final Cut Pro X (Old Version)
  • Wondershare Filmora
  • Coding:

  • Sublime Text
  • Coda 2
  • Writing Apps:

  • IA Writer
  • Ulysses
  • Byword
  • DayOne
  • Scrivener

  • There are just some things I love to do and entertain myself with. I call it self therapy, self care, and mental stability. We all need it, a mental release, a way to relax our thoughts, our mind, and our emotions. We are not stone built, and we all have things that we go through, how we handle/deal with them is what matters. I can’t stress enough that you should always make a day, make a time for #selfcare. A day/time just for you, it does so much help and so much wonders. So for my me time this is my sinful pleasures.

    ★ Laying in a bubble bath with music & a glass of wine.
    ★ Binging on Netflix.
    ★ Reading inspirational books.
    ★ Jogging.
    ★ Photographing in a park. (I love nature)
    ★ Nature Walks.
    ★ Jamming with my ipod.
    ★ Watching Youtube.
    ★ Sipping on Wine.
    ★ Cooking.
    ★ Pampering myself.
    ★ Spa Treatment.
    ★ Writing.
    ★ Traveling