Good evening my love, Im saying good evening because as I am typing this it is literally 10pm. So I decided to play with my Canon T5 dslr camera video capabilities. I ve filmed on it before but it was more of a still shot talking video, I ve never filmed a naked video on it because I so love using my Logitech C920 webcam for that. I know that most youtubers use the Canon Dslr series to film thier… Read More


Hi! Ok I thought I make an update post about my new download video store. As you know I am in the process of renovating Karismaxxx, so I removed all my videos from my clips4sale and decided to make it more easier and have you download my videos straight from my site. These videos that are available are from my old clips4sale store. After my renovation process I will have an official store for you to buy my all goodies,… Read More

New Trailer

Hi my β™₯ ‘s! Ok I thought I make this a quick blog post, consider it more of like an update post. So I made a new trailer, this trailer had me kicking my own ass mainly because Im such a perfectionist and I couldn’t get it to look how I really wanted it to look. The way I had the idea in my mind, I wasn’t able to execute it into editing for some reason, and this lil ass… Read More

Latest Snapchat Post

Hi, ok here I will briefly talk about my private snapchat. As you may I know, I now I have a snapchat account where I usually post daily either a nakie pic or a naked video. You can join my private snapchat as a member or directly Here. I update my snapchat daily, mainly to show you my latest pics & vids. Since I am in the process of renovating Karismaxxx there are only older videos available and nothing currently… Read More


Welcome to my Blog! I am so excited to finally be releasing my thoughts and updates. Here you will get my personal thoughts, website updates and some free sexy pics. I plan to constantly update my blog, so feel free to bookmark Here. I have the wordpress app installed on my ipad pro, so I can even more conveniently update you with some sexy pics and thoughts. ☺ I’ve always been a writer at heart, so having a blog will… Read More