Good evening my love,
Im saying good evening because as I am typing this it is literally 10pm. So I decided to play with my Canon T5 dslr camera video capabilities. I ve filmed on it before but it was more of a still shot talking video, I ve never filmed a naked video on it because I so love using my Logitech C920 webcam for that. I know that most youtubers use the Canon Dslr series to film thier videos and I ve always been amazed by its quality, but never really stressed on using if for filming because I like to have angle and full body shots, and its really hard to do that with a dslr camera.

But I decided to test my canon out for filming videos and I ll be honest, Im not crazy about it. I guess because I forgot with the Canon t5, it doesn’t have auto focus for video mode, and of course that is beyond inconvenient if you are trying to film your own self.

Heres a lil preview video of it, what do you think? I don’t think the quality amazes me more than my webcam but maybe you can think different.

(See Full video HERE)

In comparison to my Logitech C920 Webcam video:

(See Full video HERE)

Which looks better to you? In my opinion, I like the Logitech webcam, and it does autofocus as well as 1080HD filming.

I don’t know if I’ll film more videos with it, I honestly just did a quick 5 min video snippet and didn’t do a full filming video. I do have the 50 mm lens that I used but Im still not impressed. But I will play with it some more, because I know this is what youtubers use faithfully.

If anything I may upgrade to the Ti series, to get the full video capabilities.

♥ Karisma

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