Hi my β™₯ ‘s!

Ok I thought I make this a quick blog post, consider it more of like an update post. So I made a new trailer, this trailer had me kicking my own ass mainly because Im such a perfectionist and I couldn’t get it to look how I really wanted it to look.

The way I had the idea in my mind, I wasn’t able to execute it into editing for some reason, and this lil ass trailer took me over a week to complete. πŸ™ƒ I had to really talk to myself and say do my best and push it out because it’s only a temporarily trailer, an official one will be released when my renovation is done.

Ughh sometimes we can be so hard on our own selves. lol. So yea this trailer is the best I could come up with for now, funny thing is once I was done with this trailer, I had so many ideas bomb rushing my mind. But I will save those ideas for the final new trailer.

So this trailer pretty much showcases what you can get if you become a member of my site for now, while I am in the renovation process of this site. The main new updates of me and my nakedness will be from my private snapchat, in case that memo was forgotten. πŸ™‚

Ok hope you like this lil trailer thus far. I have a lot more creative ideas I will put into it, but it will be for the final new trailer. If curious I edited this trailer with Final Cut Pro X & Filmora.

Filmora is actually pretty good if you just need to do a quick edit of a video and have some effects and features. I def pull that out when I want to edit like a snapchat video or something light.

I actually like love video editing and have been trying/practicing to enhance my skills. There’s a lot that goes into video editing and if anyone knows anything about editing, its a real deep process with a lot of individual elements. Its crazy because we can look at a movie trailer or a movie and be like oh thats hot but not realize the whole procedure behind it and how much it really took to achieve those looks & effects.

It’s really a job in its own.

I am excited to be getting closer to the stages of my renovation process. This was soo needed and I think it will be worth the wait.

Okdokey, I feel like I have more to say, but my mind is so tired right now lol, and I feel so sleepy, so I ll end this post here, and you can view the trailer below.

β™₯ Karisma

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