Hi, ok here I will briefly talk about my private snapchat. As you may I know, I now I have a snapchat account where I usually post daily either a nakie pic or a naked video.

You can join my private snapchat as a member or directly Here.

I update my snapchat daily, mainly to show you my latest pics & vids. Since I am in the process of renovating Karismaxxx there are only older videos available and nothing currently new. When the renovation is complete, there will be tons of new videos and new photos. In the meantime you can see my latest new videos/pics on my private snapchat.

Snapchat allows me to share you new videos & pics without the downtime of editing. Anyone who edits videos, knows editing can be very time consuming. Since I can just film & post on my snapchat, I figure that works great while I do backend work on my sites.

If you become a member you will have free access to my private snapchat, as well access to my current available videos & photos on my site, also access to my private snapchat archive.

I always save all my private snapchats, so you can access them on my snapchat archives.

Now if you don’t like membership sites, and you still want to see my hot private snaps, feel free to join my private snapchat directly Here.

My private snapchats is filled with different things, I can post either a naked pic, a naked video, or a hot behind the scenes of what I am currently doing.
In the near future I plan to do a lot of outdoor/public snaps for my private snapchat. So be prepared for that! πŸ™‚

I am always with my phone, so you can be sure to have a sexy snapchat. I am also going to be sexy nude shows, like twerking, dancing on my pink pole, and even playing with my toys. My snapchat will be filled with the current me, the current vids, and current pics.

You can screenshot my private snaps, as long as you don’t post them anywhere. So feel free to check out my private snapchat as a member or on my direct private snapchat.

If you want to see my Free PG rated public snapchat, feel free to add me: karismasnaps

Before I go, feel free to view some of my latest public snapchat posts below. See in you in my private snaps! Muahh

β™₯ Karisma

Public Snapchat

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