Would you like for me to moan your name in a hot naked video while I am playing with myself?

I am able to provide you with a hot custom naked video with me moaning your name. This custom video is only for moaning your name in a naked video, with either me playing with my hitachi or playing with myself. Which ever one you prefer. I also provide custom pic sets with this video as well as purchasing my panties that are featured in the video. Fill free to fill out the form for your hot custom video.
I don’t offer any other kinds of custom video.

Delivery Time: Customs will take between 5-14 days to be completed.

Delivery: You will receive your video via email with a download link.

Resolution/Type: Videos will be filmed in HD 1080×1020 in mp4 format. You can choose a different format if you prefer.

Pricing: $10.00 a min

20 HD Pic Set From Custom Video: $20.00 (extra)
Get a hot Full HD photos set from the custom video with your video. I am always taking hot HD pics when I film my videos. You can get 20 Full HD pics emailed directly to you with a download link.

Panties Used in Video: $50.00 (extra)
You can purchase my panties that are used in the custom video. I will send your panties in a discreet package with a free tracking number. Shipping will usually take 3-5 Business days to arrive.


What kind of video will I receive?
You will receive a custom naked video with me moaning your name if thats what you would like, with me either playing with a toy or just playing with myself.

Do you offer any other kinds of custom videos?
No at the moment I do not. This is the only kind of custom videos I provide.

How will I receive my video?
You will receive your video in your email with a download link. You can download the video/picture set directly to your device.

I would like another video format, how can I go by receiving that?
The format I will provide by default is MP4, if you would like another format you can add that in the questions/concerns box.

I am interested in the panties added, how will I receive that?
I believe in secrecy so your panties will be nicely sealed in ziplock bag and mailed in a discreet envelope. Nothing on the envelope will say nudity or any information of what is inside. Your panties package will be mailed via usps priority mail and should arrive within 3-5 business days. You will also receive a free tracking number.

I am interested in the photo set added, what kind of photos will I receive?
I always take photos with any video I film. The photos will be taken with the same setting, panties, toy, and nudity from the custom video. The photos will be taken in Full 1080p HD and you will receive them in a zip folder sent to your email as a download link.

Can I make any requests in my custom video?
You can make small requests as far as if you want me to wear a thong or boy shorts panties, if you want a toy used or not and etc.