Here you can find answers to your most common questions. If you still have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to contact me Here.


What kind of videos are in my membership site?
Inside my membership you will get my hot sexy naked videos that I have filmed from 2011 till 2016. After my renovation there will be NEW never before seen videos that were filmed from 2018 to 2018. My videos include naked videos, shower videos, dance videos, & masturbating videos.
My membership site is the ONLY place where you will get to see my xxx videos.

I became a member of your site, how do I access your free private snapchat?
When you signed up you should be able to add your your snapchat username. Once I receive paid confirmation, you will be added to my private snapchat. If you still see you haven’t been added, please feel free to contact me.

Is your membership site mobile compatible?
Yes, my membership site is viewable on most mobile and tablet devices, as well as computers.

What kind of camera do you use for your videos and pictures on your membership site?
I film most of my videos with my Logitech C920 webcam in 720/1080 HD. I also use a Canon T5 dslr for my some of my photos and videos.
For my snapchat I use my Iphone SE, although I am awaiting to get the Iphone X.

I see you offer a FREE naked video with your membership site, how does that work?
Yes, you can get a free naked video for download if you sign up HERE for a 1 year subscription. Only 19.99 subscription will receive a free naked video as a promotional thank you. To receive your video, once you make your purchase, you will receive an email with a download link to download your video.

What kind of video will I get for free with your one year subscription?
You will get a full HD 10 min sexy naked video.


You said you are renovating, what exactly does that mean?
Yes. I am in the process of doing a full renovation of my site. I will be giving a whole new look, new features and adding a ton of new material. Since I am the sole person in my business, it means it is a one woman show, and means I do everything on my own. Filming/Editing can be a long process, I will be doing a lot of backend werk so I can give you the best of me. I have a lot of NEW videos and pictures that have not been released yet, and I will be releasing all of those in the completion of my renovation.

How long will your renovation take?
I don’t have an approximate time or date, but I can tell you I work day and night on this project and it will be released very soon.

Do you have any updates about your renovation process?
Yes you can follow/bookmark my blog, subscribe to my mailing list or follow me Here.

What can I expect when you are done with your renovation of
I am excited to give a fresh breath of air to Web designing/graphic designing are one of my passions so I take a lot of pride and enjoyment in my creations. I am renovating this site from scratch up so there will be a whole new look, new videos, new pictures, and new features. There will be a lot to look forward to!

Which is better to join, your membership site or your private snapchat?
Actually it is all up to you. The great benefit to being a member is that you can still view my videos/pictures as well as my snapchat archives since my snaps delete in 24 hours, and I always save all my snaps and as a bonus you will have free access to my private snapchat!
If you don’t want to be a member, you can just join my private snapchat directly, and have access to me for a whole year or download my videos directly Here.

I see you will be offering live cam shows, when and how will that work?
Yes soon, I will be offering live cam shows. I don’t have an exact estimate time frame of when, but I will let it be notified before it is available. Be sure to bookmark my blog and follow my twitter for updates about upcoming live cam shows.
As far of how it will work, I will offer different types of live shows. My live shows will be based per min. You can find more info HERE

Will your live cam show have nudity?
Yes. I will have various kinds of live cam shows, and they will include nudity. I will have more specific information about my live cam shows, so stay tuned for that.

What is your blog about?
I am actually excited to have my blog available. I ve always been a writer at heart, and my blog will have some of my writings as well as my latest updates and sexy pictures. I will be posting on my blog frequently so feel free to bookmark it.

I want to join your mailing list, will I get spam?
No, just like you I hate spam, so I would never do it. Your email is never shared or sold. My emails will only contain updates and sexy free pics.

Do you have any information about updates?
Yes you can find my latest updates Here or Here

Do you have any free previews?
Yes you can view my free previews Here and Here.

Who films your videos?
I am the sole person who film all my videos and photograph all my photos as well edit all my material and web design all my sites.

Who edits your videos?
I also edit all my videos and edit all my photos. (I am one woman show hah)

What kinds of softwares do you use to edit with?
I mainly use Final Cut Pro X to edit my videos and Photoshop to edit my photos.

Who designed your website?
I designed this website. Actually I designed all my websites. Webdesigning/graphic designing is a second passion of my mines, that I take a lot of pride in. So yea not only am I sexy, but I am nerd as well..a sexy nerd. πŸ™‚


I want to become a member of your site, will it show anything about you or adult related?
No, and thankfully my billing merchant believes in privacy. There will be nothing adult related appearing on your statement.

If I pay for your private snapchat, will it show anything adult related?
No. Indiebill is also a private billing merchant and NO information about me or anything adult related will appear on your statement.

What kind of payments are accepted for your membership site or private snapchat?
Verotel and Indiebill accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards.

How can I cancel my membership?
You can easily cancel your membership HERE.

I want to join your membership site but I am having trouble with the payment available, is there any other payment option?
Yes, if you’re having trouble using Verotel you can purchase my membership HERE and I can add you manually to my website.


Is snapchat free?
Yes you can download the snapchat app on your phone or tablet from either the Play Store or Apple store.

Do you have a public snapchat?
Yes you can add my public snapchat: Here

What is the difference between your private snapchat and public snapchat?
My public snapchat has NO NUDITY. It is filled with a lil sexiness, day to day stuff, and behind the scenes. My private snapchat has all the goodies (nudity). πŸ™‚

What made you join snapchat?
Actually I am late to the party, it took me awhile to really figure it out, but I really love the whole concept of deleted in 24 hours, because it gives you the mystery of wanting more, but mainly because as I head into retirement my private snapchat will be the last of me.

How often do you post on your private snapchat?
I actually post daily. I always have my phone with me and I love to leave you with either a sexy naked pic or sexy naked video for your day.

Can I screenshot your snaps?
Yes you can. You just can’t upload or post them anywhere.


What kind of gadgets do you have and use?
Hah, I have to admit I am a die hard apple fan. I have an Iphone SE, a Macbook 12 inch, Macbook Pro and an Ipad Pro.

I want to send you a gift, how can I go about doing so?
Thanks! Feel free to HERE

I want to send you a can I go about doing so?
Thanks! You can send me a tip HERE

Are you an escort?
NO! NO! and F-No! I don’t do any meet ups, greets, or any sort of escorting. I am only an ONLINE fantasy. I only do adult videos online. I don’t escort, I don’t do in person shows, I don’t do strip clubs, I am only online based.
The closest to live meet up you will have with me is on live webcam. πŸ™‚

You say you don’t escort, but I think I got a message from you.
Unless you got a tweet from me from my twitter you are more than likely being cat-fished. The only way I will send you a message is an @ tweet or an email from me pertaining to website related business. If its from a social media site, or a hook up website I can be certain you are being cat-fished.

How tall are you?
I am 5’7

What are your measurements?
Bust: 38C (Al though I was measured at Vicky Secrets, and was measured to be a 36 D) πŸ™ƒ
Shoe Size: 9

Do you have any social media accounts?
Yes please feel free to stalk me:

·Public Snapchat

Do you know how to cook?
Actually I do. I really love cooking and I love learning new recipes and trying different dishes out. I think you would love my cooking.

What do you like to do for fun?
I love to travel, read, write, web/graphic design, take nature walks, but most of all I love to relax with Netflix and cook. I also love writing/blogging and journaling. Photography is another fun thing I love to dabble with. In addition to that, I love learning new things and experimenting with cooking and learning new recipes and baking. When I want to wine down from a long day, Im either binging on Netflix or jamming to my iPod in a tub filled with bubbles with a glass of wine.